In June I´ve hiked for four days around the Hinterhornbachtal („Stream-behind-the-horn-valley“, wonderful name) and made some drawings; starting from the village Hinterhornbach. 

The first night I´ve slept at the „Hermann-von-Barth-Hut“ where a young woman played guitar and singing a Chineses song. The last view meters I´ve been running across a steep snow field as I´ve heard the thunder of a storm coming nearer – luckily nothing happened.

Due to too heavy rain falls I was not able to get up on the mountain „Große Krottenkopf“ (2.656 m) the next day, but at least able to draw a sketch of the next hut with some foggy clouds around it.

The next day there was no rain, but my boots didn´t dry during the night. Well, what you wanna do? I´ve walked a heavily exposed path – luckily together with another group of hikers which I´ve met the day before. In a flat area I drew the Höfats, one of the most beautiful mountains I know.

After having spent one night at the „Prinz Luitpold House“ I´ve thought to hike one more time up on the Hochvogel (2.592 m). Many people did – I´ve been a bit scared of the snow conditions and the warning of the mountain rescue service. Anyway, I´ve been there last summer when I did this drawing. I didn´t draw it because of its beautiness, more because I was scared of this mountain for several years. Last summer I´ve been surprised that I was able to get up on its top. But take care: there are many possibilities to fall down deadly and geologist expect the mountain to fall apart in the future.

As I still had some time left I´ve drawn a bit more before descending back to the Hinterhornbachtal and kept on enjoying the biotope insinde my boots.

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