Fernwanderweg E5: Meran/Saltaus bis Levico Terme

As it´s been snowing in the northern part of the Alpes I went to the South to hike a part of the long distance trail E5 from Saltaus near Meran to Levico Terme. As usual with my sketchbook. The first day was silly like me: ascenting over 800 vertical metres on a tarred road before reaching quite exhausted a nice trail which lead to the Hirzerhütte where I spent my first night.

The next day going up on the Hirzer, with 2.781 m the highest point of my whole trip – and also the only part where you need to have a small little bit of alpinistic knowledge. A bit cloudy, but still offering quite a impressive view back to the snow below.

The next sleeping place was the Meraner Hütte (1.937m). The orientation design became more and more entertaining and I had a beautiful sight on the rocky towers of the Dolomitis and cloudy valleys below on my way to Bozano (for a larger view click on the image).

I spent one day in Bozano for to organize the next days and to visit Ötzi, a dead Stone Age man who was found a few years ago at a glacier. It was forbidden to take pictures, but probably they were only talking about cameras and not about sketchbooks.

Like Snow White he lies in a glass casket (a fridge with a small window) with artifical temperatures similar to the ones in the glacier. So he was covered with thin, reflecting ice what effected a nearly holy and spiritual atmosphere. I also didn´t really recognized him as a dead body in this moment … more like a strange view back in human history. In this way I was ways more impressed than by all the Jesus figures in the rest of the town.

But Bozano is really still a lovely town, even that there are endlessly many tourists …

Next day: Ascending from Bozano by foot, ignoring the lift. People put a lot of effort during the last centuries to cultivate the valley and the trails here.

Only problem ist that I walk mostly in areas full of trees and fog. Only a few times there is a chance to see a panorma and I´m quite happy reaching after two days of tough walking the Hornalm (1.715m). People have cut off the trees, but by chance I´ve preferred to draw the farming house and a tree with orange fall leafs (for a larger view click on the image).

Next day: Walking for seven hours with trees and fog. After some hours I accepet that there is nothing to see, there´s no reason to get agressive by that fact and a miracle happens: I have a small, but impressive panorama (of course with trees and fog).

In the early evening I arrive in Cembra, my first in real Italy, leaving Südtirol. Having Italian Pizza and Wine. Sadly the church with an old painting of Judgement´s Day is closed.


My personal Judgement´s Day starts with the new day: This stage leads mostly on a tarred road, garnished with cold rain. No drawing today, but in the evening I found by chance a sleeping place and two other hikers with whom I walked on the next day my last stage. By being a few hundred meters above the clouds I´ve enjoyed my most beautiful mountain day of the year!

(for a larger view click on the image)

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